Monday, September 12, 2011

Pillow Talk

One of the easiest ways to update and freshen up the look of your living rooms is through pillows! Now, I'm not the type that has a ridiculous amount of pillows on my couch, I just need a few.

I found this great Alexander Henry fabric at Michael Levine Fabric downtown. In a previous post I used the same fabric in blue to cover my dining chairs. I love the geometric pattern and the colors go well with the other items I have in my living room :)

I started by cutting squares with the pattern centered, then placed the pieces front to front and started to sew leaving a hole big enough for my had to fit through.
Once sewn, I turned the pillows inside out.

Next, I stuffed them with poly fill. In order for the pillow to keep it's shape, its important to over stuff it.

Finally, I did a tidy whip-stitch to finish the pillows off.

I fluffed the finished pillows and threw them on the couch. I love the way they compliment my favorite quilt!
Now, its a matter of how long these ones will last until I decide I want to redecorate again ;)

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  1. The pillows are beautiful. I love the fabric!