Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lira and Anthony's Wedding: Paper Flowers

Having creative friends is pretty awesome especially when they are as generous as my friends Gloria and Perry. Our friends Lira and Anthony got engaged last year and as a Christmas gift Gloria and Perry offered to host the nuptials at their home. Many of the friends in our circle are familiar with putting on a production coming from various backgrounds including theater, film, television, music and fine art. It was pretty much a no brainer for a bunch of us to get together and help put on an awesome day for our deserving friends Lira and Anthony :)

Flowers are commonly used to decorate weddings but fresh flowers can be quite expensive and even a little boring. We gathered various materials in the color scheme of red and purple to make our own, fun and vibrant flowers. There is no way we could have gotten the visual variety and punch of color from real flowers. A few of us gathered a few days a week leading up to the wedding day and made flowers, lots and lots of flowers.
We scoured the Internet for different flower making techniques for inspiration and made paper flowers, plastic flowers, fabric flowers, ribbon get the idea.
It looked like a full on floral shop when I had all the flowers laid out by color, preparing to make arrangements.
I'm kicking myself a little because I forgot to get a good shot of the bouquets I made, it can be hard to remember to stop and take pictures of your work sometimes. Here is a picture of the finished wreaths around jars with pretty little candles in them.
 Here is another shot of the various ways flowers were used to decorate the space.
While there were skeptics about our paper flowers, it all came together and was an all around beautiful day. We definitely proved that you don't need real flowers to make a wedding look fantastic! I love that so many of the couples' friends had their hand in creating this important event for them, it made a special day even more special.

My involvement with this wedding did not stop at the flowers. We all know I love to bake and when I heard that the lovely bride, Lira planned to bake her own cake, I demanded that I make the cake. OK, maybe Gloria convinced me to do it too but I was happy to do it! I'll be posting the cake soon!

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  1. Um...we're still eating the cake! (the fondant created a nice barrier and the cake is still so moist and delicious.)

    As soon as I get some photos from the photographer, I'll be sure to send them to you so you can have them for your files :)

    And again, thank you so, SO much for all your time and help. Everything was so beautiful.